What kind of clothing do we exercise in?

Loose sports clothing is best as it allows for freedom of movement. Sports shoes are not necessary because we do the exercises in sitting or lying position on exercise mats. For more comfort please bring a beach towel with you to cover the exercise mat.

Will anyone but me have knowledge of my personal health problems?

No. At the end of the first class every participant takes home a questionnaire which will be completed in the privacy of your home. During the third class this questionnaire will be handed to your teacher who will, based upon the information you provide, compile and develop a personalized training program for you. Your teacher will, of course, be available for any private discussion you may wish to pursue during the break times and at the conclusion of the exercise period.

Some misconceptions

“Do not exercise, because your vagina becomes so strong, that you will need a C-section.”

Mistake! It would be like suggesting that if a man exercises his biceps, he would not be able to straighten his elbow. The well developed muscle is elastic, it is easy to control and relax.

Because your doctor knows your condition best, please check with him/her before starting this, or any other exercise program.

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