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Pelvic Floor Muscles Exercise for Men?

Just as women cannot maintain their pelvic floor muscles’ strength without regular training, so do men. Nor does regular sex life provide enough training. Men should also protect their abdominal blood vessels, connective tissue, muscles, and organs.

Why is it important for men?

The abdominal muscles play an important role in the erection, maintenance, and delay of ejaculation. Men’s PelviLates exercises improve lower abdominal circulation and make the pelvic floor muscles stronger and more elastic.

With regular practice, you may expect:

  • improved bowel and bladder control,
  • reduced the risk of rectal prolapse,
  • improved erectile function,
  • delay premature ejaculation,
  • increased testosterone and sperm production,
  • elimination or reduction of hemorrhagic complaints,
  • a decrease in varicose veins and tendency to prostatitis,
  • post-operative incontinence may be eliminated,
  • speeding recovery after prostate surgery.

It is important that men also learn how to keep their potency safe and how to maintain the health of their lower organs.

When do we start Pelvilates?

It is much easier to maintain and prevent health than to restore it. This is also true for the potency. Ideally, you should start exercising regularly when “everything is fine”. More and more specialists are recommending the male pelvic floor exercises as a means of preserving health and, in many cases, resolving complaints without surgery.

To whom we recommend PelviLates?

We have male students whose significant others attend the women’s PelviLates program and visits us to maintain their health. Some people come to us with serious symptoms.

Those who cannot imagine themselves participating in the program often feel embarrassed and uncomfortable attending. However, the training safely introduces the students to the structure of the male body, the functioning, and protection of the lower organs. The exercises can be easily learned by anyone. At the end of the 8-hour course, everyone will receive a personalized program. With a few minutes of daily practice, you can gain significant muscle strength and flexibility in 8-12 weeks.

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