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Menopause is a 10-15 year long period of a woman's life. It is the transition between fertility and seniority. The menopause begins when the ovarian function concludes. This is indicated by the last regular menstruation that is not followed by another within a year. This can be expected around age 48-52. Rarely the ovaries stop working before age 40. This is called menopause praecox, premature menopause. Sometimes the menstruation becomes irregular a few years before the menopause.

The ovaries almost completely stop producing progesterone and two out of the three estrogen hormones: estradiol and estriol. The hormone level decrease starts the decline of the sexual organs; the vagina and the uterus. The end of the ovarian function increases the accumulation of fat, a typical senior characteristic.

Frequently inconteninence develops during menopause. Incontinence is the lack of voluntary control of excretory functions.
  • lower estrogen hormone level increase dryness of the mucus membranes, reduce flexibility of the urethra, so the urethral muscles have to work harder to hold the urine in the bladder
  • muscles loose their tightness and their ability to contract
  • the natural ageing process starts the degradation (atrophy) of the pelvic muscles and ligaments. This causes the sinking of the lower internal organs
  • during menopause the existing mild incontinence symptoms intensify
  • bladder capacity decreases
  • obesity advances the descent of the lower internal organs

PelviLates® helps maintain toned, strong pelvic muscles. The trained, flexible muscles are able to balance the effect of the natural changes and keep you healthy and active.

Even if you already experience incontinence, PelviLates® can improve and often eliminate incontinence and other conditions related to weak pelvic muscles.

Serious cases always require the help of doctors. A growing number of physicians recommend pelvic exercises before surgery. Often a few months of regular exercises can improve the symptoms so successfully that surgery is no longer necessary.


Age is no object! Seniors can achieve the same result as their younger counterparts.

A scientific study at one European hospital proved that we can reverse the aging process by as much as 20-30 years. Physicians measured the strength of pelvic muscles of seniors before and after the program. At the end of the program the average strength was as much as the typical value for a 20-30 years younger adult. Of course, our personal experience is the most important. Some participants are able to cure the incontinence that plagued them for 30 years in as little as 10 weeks. The earlier we start the regular exercises, the sooner we achieve the desired result.

We can live healthy, independent life without restrictions.

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